malachite lazy daisy


tortoiseshell lazy daisy


lapis lazy daisy

Lapis Lazuli

A collaboration between Vanessa Konig x Kate Elwell of Master the Art.

Beautiful hand painted Lazy Daisy’s mimicking natural finishes in Malachite, Tortoiseshell and Lapis Lazuli. All available to order, lead times about 4 weeks. 

Available in all sizes and small petal design.

* Specialist Finish:

* Size:

Round Table sizes:
180cm plus table = 900cm max size or 550mm
150cm table = 900cm at a push, 550mm better
120cm table = 550mm
100cm table = 385mm

Rectangular table widths:
90cm table = 385mm
120cm table = 550mm
100cm table = 385mm

Depending on length of table, multi Daisies
2.5/3m length table - a 385mm Lazy Daisy at either end