about vanessa konig

Designer, illustrator and colourist Vanessa has always been fascinated in the whimsical, hidden elements of fun or prettiness within her work but with a sense of strength and practicality. Colour and design are an integral part of Vanessa's DNA. As well as running her bespoke paint company Konig Colours, she has collaborated with Gingerlily London on a silk bedding collection. Old-school glamour meets English eccentric in a new collaboration with Nina Campbell: a first furniture collection featuring whimsical design, alluring elements and great colours, which will launch later this year.

For now, she launches her first product The Lazy Daisy a modern take on the iconic ‘70’s Lazy Susan.

‘I was commissioned to redesign it by dear friends who wanted to create something that without spinning would look beautifully elegant and decorative. After finialising the design, we played with the different sizes and couldn’t believe how the giant Daisy looked, so now have a range of sizes to work with different table shapes and sizes.’

There is so much fun to be had with a Lazy Daisy and if it puts smiles on everyone’s faces, isn’t that really all that matters?